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Providing Sensory Product's to help your loved one's manage their sensory processing challenges.

Highly recommended to the parents if any of their kid is on autism spectrum. 

Kashif Nawaz

Thank you so much for your beautiful product my baby slept through for the first time all year!I’m going to buy another one for my son! Absolutely amazing!


Fast postage, daughter seems to enjoy it, thank you.


Amazing highly recommend. So good and thank you


About Us

Dz Team

Dzign Solutions is a proudly Australian owned business. Our aim is to provide the most effective and useful Sensory products that will help to reduces stress, anxiety and calm your loved ones down in challenging situations. All of our products are designed for kids and young adults with sensory processing disorder, ADD/ADHD and Autism etc., however the same products can also be used by any child or adult. Our business model is simple, transform our ideas into the most effective Sensory products, test them first and if useful, make them available for everyone. 


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